We Help Agents and Brokers Navigate the Complex World of Cannabis Real Estate

We Help Agents and Brokers Navigate the Complex World of Cannabis Real Estate

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Where we keep you updated on cannabis regulatory developments in your city as they happen!

For a Commercial Real Estate Agent looking to get involved in the Cannabis Real Estate you need to be aware of key developments.

Too early, and you have no buyers. Too late, and you miss out on the opportunity entirely. It's all about timing.

When a city first begins discussing cannabis policy development we begin tracking and managing relationships at the city level.

When there are key updates that you should be aware of, we notify you via email or SMS.

How CreSource Real Estate Works

Step 1 - Regulatory Updates

We send you updates detailing the development of Cannabis policy in your city

Step 2 - Green Zone Verification

Our Compliance team will check any address you share with us to be sure it is in the Green Zone

Step 3 - Retail Operators

We will give you access to our list of over 100 Cannabis Retail Operators who are in expansion mode

Take A Look Below At More Details On Each Step

Regulatory Updates

Every city opening up for cannabis retail has a different approach. It can be mind numbing to figure out all the various layers of regulations.

Our in house compliance team has years of cannabis regulatory experience and is well versed in deciphering all the tricky details one must know.

Green Zone Verification

Cities typically want the dispensaries to be located in a particular Zone and distance from "Sensitive Uses". Such as, Schools, Parks, Daycares, Churches, Rehabilitation Centers, etc. The process of manually checking an address can take up to 3-4 hours each.

We have tools available to us, developed in-house, that will allow us to check it in less than 10 minutes.

Send us ANY address you want us to verify compliance for and we will get right on it!

Retail Operators

We work with over 100 Cannabis Retailers that look to us help them expend into the best retail locations in new markets.

With over 30 locations in development and 10 licenses secured we've learned who the best operators are that are most likely to win a license.

Since the real estate deals we find are contingent on winning the license it's vital we work with the strongest groups.

Based on how we structure our deals with operators they must win a license for us to be successful so we have to ensure we're constantly vetting out operators and ensure we're working with the strongest groups.

Some Of Our Retail Operators

What Brokers Have To Say

“I kept a relationship with CannDev for over 9 months as the city of Oxnard developed their cannabis policy. We ended up replacing a failing pizza business with a cannabis operator because of them.”

Mark - Oxnard - CA

“Working With CannDev allowed me to sell 2 properties in Fresno that I would not have otherwise. I never thought they would work for Cannabis. ”

Alex - Fresno, CA

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